The biggest pussy sport on Earth, Cross Country is based solely on the principle of running away faster than anyone else. It is a sport engineered specifically for anyone who can't hit, score, or defend. Called X-Country by some enormous douche bags, participants are classified by their skinny builds and arrogant attitudes. They believe themselves to be the "toughest" athletes, despite the crippling effect a strained muscle, cramp, or bruise has on them.
"Erin bruised his toe, looks like he can't participate in any Cross Country events for six decades."

"Don't mind his cockiness, he's in Cross Country. I'll go back later and use the real athleticism I've learned from hockey and football to kick his ass."
by akjc August 05, 2009
Cross Country (from a ex-XC runner's view)
Side affects may include but are not limited to:
-strong comraderie (some call it super gay, we call it bromance)
-super manly looking legs (until we have our girlfriends shave them for some god-awful reason, seriously we weren't even drunk)
-abs that you can wash your clothes on
-the ability to run from the po po when they show up to a party uninvited
-GETTING MAD BITCHES! (actual results may vary)

Now let me turn on nerd mode. Why people call cross country runners gay / crazy:
Running scares the hell out of most people because it hurts. Anybody who likes pain is a nut. No arguement. Myth confirmed. As far as the gayness goes, yeah we play a lot of grab ass at practice, because you have to have fun to deal with the bullshit thrown at you in practice. That's not why you call us gay. You're scared as hell that somebody enjoys that pain and are...dare I say...intimidated... in the subconcious. Not because were so massive *sarcasm*, but because we just won't fuckin quit.
:Did you see that guy?
:Yeah he's a Cross Country runner and a much better athlete than us football players
:Yeah let's call him gay, because that's what everybody does when their jealous as hell of somebody.
by SDVT115 December 23, 2011
Cross Country is a hardcore sport but to most pussy ass football players we are just a bunch of homos on short shorts that have better cores (abs for all of you bros) then they do. We do not drink natty ice we drink Budweiser. We do not bang slam pieces because we bang hot skinny flexible chicks. We run 3.1 miles as fast as we can without a break. We do not make one play then sit on a bench until our heart rate is completely recovered. Put simply we kick ass, we do not grab ass (football). Oh and we run miles and miles a day. Not yards.
"Want to go play lax later?"
"No thanks, I run Cross COuntry, I'm straight."
by XC_Runner12 October 24, 2011
The best sport in the world! It's a lot of hard work, but it's also a ton of fun! Running is so much fun, but so hard at the same time! It get's you in amazing shape (if you actually work hard in practice and eat well) and makes you feel good! Cross-country teams are always super nice. They're like a second family.
That group of people love to run and look like they're having a good time! They must be in cross-country!
by Bunny_Loves_Mama_Wolf March 06, 2013
a sport in which skinny people run long distances
Kenyans run crosscountry
by Cody August 24, 2003
dying slowly and painfully on the sidewalk. created by the devil.
the cross country team ran a marathon for practice today.
by Layley Crewcock October 21, 2011
The most confusing sport in the whole world. You run four miles thinking you are going to die and hate every second of it, then as soon as you finish and catch your breath you think, 'Damn that was fun! Can't wait till next week's race!'
You are Cross Country's bitch.
I am Cross Country's bitch.
We are all Cross Country's bitch.
by A Cross Country Person April 08, 2008
Cross Country is in fact a sport! It involves stamina and a very strong mind. If you are going to run for miles on end, you not only have to be ready physical wise, but mentally too.
Cross country is very hard btw

Normal human:Shit. I can't run any more!
XC Runner: Hey look, I just ran 8 miles
by Blowhole berry April 25, 2015

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