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A Term describing a person who impersonating as a female on youtube while being a male in real life,usually people of this kind do this to get more subscribers or more friends,This sort of behavior occurs as a result of total lack of life.
these people are in need of help they may never get,since this type of personality will never acknowledge his problem.
i used to be friends with a guy who suffers from this illness,until i found out he told everyone on Youtube that he's a 14 year old girl from Russia...
"Hey Sweetie ^o^,How Are You today?'
I'm fine i just got back from my boyfriend and we watched a Chickflick together xD (He's so considerable..LOL)
well anyway,i gotta go to the mall and buy a new pink skirt,bye sweet sis,talk to you later"

(an example of a bulletin posted by a 18 year old male cross youtuber)
by i_hate_hatered_1 July 16, 2008
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