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Pronounced (Cer-uoss Walk RA*bees)
1. infectious, sometimes fatal disease found in either annoying, eurotrashed, drunk, tripped out, touristy, old, oblivious, obviously discrutaled pedestrians that attacks by blocking the Parietal lobe (somatosensory cortex and dorsal stream) to any part of the body, characterized by loss of judgement around heavy, fast moving traffic. Also dizziness, slurred speech, battered zombie-like appearance, and a Russian accent.
Linguistic Origin:
(a) Latin rabi*s, street rage, from jwalkiuos rabere, to rave in the streets. (b) Idiot
Other forms
Cross walk rab-ies, Cross walk rabbiest, THEE Crossa walk rabbies
"We've got thee Crossa-walk r-aa-bies!"
"People here have serious Cross Walk Rabies, wtfzors."
by Miss S. Bee August 08, 2007
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