a person who has long legs and runs more than one mile.
a person that is at least 5"7 as a freshman in high school runs crosscountry.
by Meagan Thompson October 12, 2006
When a girl (or guy) gives two guys, on either side, a hand-job while walking (mimicking the action of cross-country skiing).
The girl didn't have any money to by a coffee, so he had to give her two co-workers a cross-country on the walk back to the office in exchange for a mocha.
by deadwards November 16, 2009
A sport in which a person crosses a country.
What are Mexicans' favorite sport?

by JoO_GoT_PoOn'D November 03, 2005
Also the name of an equestrian event. Competitors ride horses over a fairly long outdoor course with rustic jumps in the best time possible. Known for being quite dangerous, as you ride at considerable speed, and due to the solid nature of the jumps if your horse clips one you fall, not the jump. Incredibly addictive though, and when done right, feels like flying.
Madonna has a horse which she competes in cross country events
by nudepologirl May 04, 2010
1. A sport that requires a lot of running.

2. Something mexicans are good at.
1. Cross country is too difficult for me.

2. Person 1: Did you see that guy run that marathon?
person 2: Yeah, but I don't think he's from this country.
by cacapoopoopeepeeshire January 12, 2008
Simply exercising.

Requires no skill, all you literally have to do is run. The easiest activity one can do and it is called a sport.

The only reason people do cross country is because they are too small or fragile to do sports like football, soccer, volleyball, or any contact sports. People don't go to Cross country events because who wants to see someone exercise for 15 minutes?!?!?!

This "sport" gets way too much publicity and the runners think that they are better than anyone else simply because they can win. they say Cross is a team event but it really boils down to an individual effort. It is a competition of who is more in shape, not who is better and smarter.

Cross runners often have many shirts explaining that they can run. Most of them are putting down true sports by saying things like, "My sport is your sports punishment"

Please! Your "sport" is exercise. My sport takes BASIC exercise and requires more skill to be able to run AND throw, kick, catch, dive, etc.
I run cross_country

Bitch you exercise!!!!!

You should come and watch my cross-country meet, I'm gonna go for a PR
I would but I don't wanna watch people run around, its like nascar without the exciting parts
by spartanrocket9 October 18, 2011
Basic, timed medium distance running events held over semi-rough, off-road terrain. Due to the limited popularity of the sport, most cross country "athletes" tend to think of themselves as elite and superior to individuals who partake in other sports. Unfortunately for them, this is never really the case, seeing as most other sports involve grueling daily practice oftentimes on top of frequent roadwork of equal or greater distance. However, a cross country "athlete" will never admit this. Vast majority of participants didn't have the hand eye coordination for baseball, the explosiveness and sheer physical strength for football and rugby, reaction time and accuracy for soccer, the physical toughness and tenacity for wrestling, the stamina and adaptability of triathletes, and the combination of all aforementioned qualities required for boxing, MMA and other such combat sports.
"Dude, us Cross country runners are hard core, we do fucking 3.1 miles per race, and sometimes run up to 8 miles per day!"

"I scoff at just how physically pathetic you are, not only do you lack the stamina of a marathon runner or even those who do half marathons, you're also stick thin and have a laughable musculature. Why don't you try a real sport for once, at least you wouldn't look like a skeleton with sleeves."
by IoutrunXCerS October 14, 2011

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