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A sport of endurance. this translates to: a sport where people run themselves into the ground for the sole pursuit of bettering themselves as athletes. Cross country running truly is the purest sport in the world, it consists of two or more (usually much more) individuals racing against each other and themselves, my physical ability against yours. The kind of pain cross country runners go through is indescribable, but it is the most intense pain I have ever experienced. Cross country runners often wear short shorts, this is because wearing longer shorts will mess up their strides and slow them down. While this has attracted ridicule from many non-runners, this is not a problem for runners that are not insecure and do not question their sexuality.
that cross country race was awesome! i PR'ed by 30 seconds!
by just another runner June 13, 2010
The sport of running on all types of different terrain. Its tough but you feel good afterward. Mental and Physical strength is needed, discipline too. Injuries are pretty common. It's not as bad as it appears, actually fun. Workouts may include hills or tempos. Usually everyone on the team is really welcoming and accepting, not d-bags/bitches like the basketball, soccer, or volleyball teams. The XC guys are cute but the girls are hot. Overall, this sport is other sports' punishment.
Xc girl: Oh man, i have to miss the CIF final race because of my shin splints. I hate shin slints.

volleyball girl: How did you get shin splints?

Xc girl: Cross country

volleyball girl: Well all you're doing is just running. It shouldn't be that bad

Xc girl: You try running 8 miles a day. Running is a punishment for your sport. Yeah, just running...

volleyball girl: I stand corrected...
by KickGrass November 20, 2010
A sport that most other sports look down on. Of course, they don't have the balls to try it out for themselves, and if they do, they go home crying after the first week. (see Ultimate Football)
Damn, but those cross country kids just ran 15 miles... But they're gay...
by AEBCVXC April 22, 2011
The sport that defines all other sports.
Man, I wish I could run cross country
by XCgirl September 09, 2010
the sport no one understands because they are all to scared to try it.
the sport for the hardcore.
a super intense sport that requires running a lot.
person 1: "You do cross country?"
person 2: "Yeah"
person 1: "I could never do that"
person 2: "I know"

person 1: "you do cross country? I would I die if i ran that much!"
person 2: "Don't worry, you will faint before you die."
by person4321 March 30, 2011
what takes so much effort and indurance, a sport which is one person against everyone else, but in the end it's just you. You're in it for you. We run over 10 miles every day and can deal with more pain than you could ever imagine. Don't make fun of us. We can beat your asses any day, bitch.
Cross country is beast as shit and you're a pussy.
by lovetorunnnn<3 March 03, 2011
The greatest sport ever created. EVER. Usually bashed by other sports like football and tennis. This is why we steal their tennis balls and run past them like beasts with great leg muscles. Cross Country runners can be identified by their hard work, determination and the massive amounts of food they consume while gaining only solid muscles. They can take a spike to the back of the leg and keep running with blood pouring out of their leg. They can fall in mud and swallow dirt and get straight back up and continue onto an amazing PR. We run until we can't go another step and then we kick into overdrive and sprint the rest of a race or workout and have a smile on our sweat soaked faces when we're done. We love each other and our coaches and don't bother with what the rest of the school thinks. We quietly sneak off to a race, districts and state and skip school to be awesome. Because that's how we roll! Others refer to us as "those crazy runners" but we refer to ourselves as "those sexy beasts" since it's far more accurate. Cross Country requires a work ethic that no other sport can ever match.
Things Cross Country runners say:
"Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first."
"It hurts up to a point, and then it can't hurt any worse."
"We're not here to be last, we came to win."
by cross country is the best February 10, 2012