The most hardcore sport period. Where a person fights against all odds to get better. A sport that some say isnt, but in truth is older than all other sports.
Guy 1:Wanna go runnin?
Guy 2:Hells yea!
Guy 1:Cross Country kicks ass!
by Stefan Garval October 09, 2008
The toughest and best sport of all. Takes extreme amounts of dedication and skill to be good at. Besides being a physical sport, cross country is also mental and the top runners must be able to push even when they are tired. People on the team run no matter what, even if there is rain, sleet, snow, ect. Some people make fun of cross country runners and claim it isn't a sport, but they are just jealous that they are out of shape and can't run more than 1/4th of a mile. And no, we are not gay just because we wear short shorts.
No halftimes
No timeouts
No substitutions
Cross country isn't a game...
It's a sport!
by xcrunner13 November 08, 2009
Cross country involves racing distances of 3 miles or more. It is essentially pure, distilled badassery. Often called faggots, bitches, and fruit cups by football players, cross country runners dont care because they know that there arent any grabass love piles involved in their sport. These kids are generally thought of as being insane by other members of the population because they seem to take pleasure in agony, a level of enjoyment that is only surpassed by that of inside jokes and other people's agony. Cross country kids are rarely tough guy solemn types, more often giving in to the immature urge to mock anything and everyone.
Cross Country Coach: Good morning bitches! Who's ready for 13 miles?

Cross Country Kids: Hell yeah!
by supacracker May 18, 2010
The only pure sport, the winner is the one who takes the most pain. We dont play with balls, we have balls. The balls that separates XC from any other sport.
I almoast passed out that last Cross Country race, Thank god i have balls.
by Croeni September 21, 2009
a sport in which one must have real skills... running around 7 miles a day (average) x-country chicks look freaking hot in their running shorts! woot woot!
cross-country: our sport is your sport's punishment
by xcbro February 29, 2008
A sport where it's athlete doesn't have to try to degrade other sports so that they can feel good about the miniscule and mediocre work they do and call it a sport.

Quite frankly the ultimate sport.
Soccer Player: You don't do anything in cross country it requires no skill
Runner: Sure *goes and sprints mile intervals for 2 hours*
Soccer Player: I try to degrade other sports because I know soccer isn't a sport
Soccer Player 2: Dude your dick is tiny
Soccer Player: That's because I don't do a real sport
by ARealAthlete October 17, 2010
A sport of endurance. this translates to: a sport where people run themselves into the ground for the sole pursuit of bettering themselves as athletes. Cross country running truly is the purest sport in the world, it consists of two or more (usually much more) individuals racing against each other and themselves, my physical ability against yours. The kind of pain cross country runners go through is indescribable, but it is the most intense pain I have ever experienced. Cross country runners often wear short shorts, this is because wearing longer shorts will mess up their strides and slow them down. While this has attracted ridicule from many non-runners, this is not a problem for runners that are not insecure and do not question their sexuality.
that cross country race was awesome! i PR'ed by 30 seconds!
by just another runner June 13, 2010
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