A sport in which extremly fit people with a hell of alot of metal strenght run until they faint. After a race, throwing up is common, leading to the saying, "If you don't throw up, you didn't try hard enough." Cross country runners are often mocked for having enough balls to wear short shorts, but cross country runners usually don't mind because they go to practice everyday and talk it up with girls.
runner one "Man, I just threw up after my cross country race!"

runner two "Good job man!"
by xcrossing runner December 09, 2007
A sport in which a group of crazy people enjoy running at least 5k in rain, hail, sleet, or snow.
Cross Country is so hard core.
by 2oo5 Boy October 26, 2008
A sport usually overshadowed by football. One of the most hardest and grueling sports. Yes Cross Country is a sport, just because it doesnt involve a ball doesnt mean its a sport. You have to be physically fit and be able to have the mentality to run like a crazy mofo to participate. I tried football my freshman year and switched to cross country. trust me or any other person who has done cross country and football, cross country is more demanding and harder.
Cross Country: if it were any easier they'd call it football
by PSYCHO about MANGO June 19, 2008
A sport requiring hard work and endurance as well as alot of time. It is the most exciting sport possibly of them all because of the terrain you take on which varies from track to track. It rapes Hockey,Baseball,Bowling,And parts of Football to a tee and makes you a better person after you run it.
Dude: Man i went and ran cross country and it made me feel great, right after i almost fell on my knees because my legs hurt so much.
Me:Ha, Dude look at my State rings, one for Cross Country, Basketball, Indoor State Track...
by HCO February 20, 2008
The best, and hardest, sport ever. It is also a precursor to hell.
Cross country involves dying everyday, and then going back for more the next day.
by Ain't Jamama February 26, 2009
cross country is the best SPORT ever
by runnerchick1 February 17, 2009
The most hardcore sport period. Where a person fights against all odds to get better. A sport that some say isnt, but in truth is older than all other sports.
Guy 1:Wanna go runnin?
Guy 2:Hells yea!
Guy 1:Cross Country kicks ass!
by Stefan Garval October 09, 2008

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