When a person farts as they walk past you and some buds.
Damn, man the dirty kids fucking crop dusted us again!
by heavy-d March 12, 2003
Top Definition
A person who does a fart (usually silent) in an area and then leaves, thereby leaving the smell for others to savour.
That guy is a mean cropduster.

He was the worst cropduster that I've ever met.
by stub004 July 06, 2004
A car with some sort of engine problem that causes it to release an abnormal amount of exhaust, usually of a bluish color.
Boy, that old Impala was quite the crop duster.
by Zone-Ranger October 08, 2007
A sweet, better than angry birds, game for the iPhone.
Dude, I just spent the last 5 hours playing Cropduster on my iPhone.
by WheresMyTruck July 30, 2011
To lay a silent fart down the aisle of a grocery store when someone is toward you...and listen to them gag.

see click and drag
son: "Dad why is that guy choking and hacking like that?"
Dad: "Cause daddy just laid a crop duster."
son: "OMG he's turning blue!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Pants, shoes or other articles of clothing that otherwise look like you could do manual labor in them, like dusting crops, pulling weeds, shoveling shit, digging ditches etc.,
Dang he's cute but he's always strolling around rocking them crop dusters on his feet. Can't stand nobody with dirty shoes.
by teekam April 11, 2011
When spooning with your woman, and you are in front with your back to her
front, if a fart accidentally sneaks out into her bush, it's called crop-dusting.
by Will, Dan, Emily @ the CC March 31, 2003
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