The original tasteless mofo. Ran the Cat Fart Mausoleum back in 1997 and is now a lurker/agent provacateur on many internet forums.
<Crooky>Hey guys, check this out!
by Dr. Molotov October 06, 2003
Top Definition
adj. A mad sketchy/shady person or incident
(waiting at stoplight a potential hot guy pulls up just a little ahead of the car)
Haley: Roll up so we can check that guy out
Cassie: ok (rolls up)
Haley: That was real crooky of us
by The clah(t) July 18, 2005
A teenager who often is gay and has a small penis due to finding random strange men in his mums bed on a regular basis.
That is serioulsly crooked mum
by Jane Famers January 11, 2005
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