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(adj.) used to describe a particular circumstance or thing which one highly favors, most often a replacement for synonyms such as good, preferable, awesome, etc.
"Man, that new PS2 game is crooked to the max, dog!"

"Did you notice how sexy that girl was!? She is totally crooked!"

"DUDE! Your new ride is crooked, man!"

"Yo momma sure can cook one damn crooked meal!"
by Anger E September 29, 2006
12 11
The real name of a wireless carrier with "unlimited" plans.
Stay away from them, you don't even get what you pay for.
Reception is a joke, sound it's awful, the phones break in no time and customer service is one of the worst in the nation.
Just say "No" to Cricket
Hey, isn't that a Crooked phone? you look so stupid with it.
by SaynotoCrooked July 02, 2010
4 5
A new slang word that means cool, awesome, etc.
Mary: Hey, Jack, you're looking crooked!

Jack: Thanks, Mary, you are too!
by DekuBoy May 12, 2010
3 8
It is a person who suffers from a crooked or tilted head.
Yugant Joshi who is crooked
by My Boy Joe January 24, 2011
3 10
1. Of the non-straight quality.
2. To be or act gay.
3. To like someone of the same sex
1. The way she dresses makes her look crooked.
2. Yeah, I am crooked, are you?
by Alexis February 21, 2005
17 33
The reason Matt never gets any and Kevin only gets laid when he is drunk.
There is not enough alcohol in the world to make up for Matt and Kevin's crooked johnson's.
by Wifey March 01, 2003
5 21
gay or gay like
he wont look at here because he's crooked
by vampyro February 24, 2003
9 25