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1. A thief, a criminal, a crook or a dishonest or immoral person in a position of authority who abuses his/her power.
2. A skateboard grind on only the front truck, grinding on a 45* angle.
1. "The Officials in UAE are crooked, you get the death penalty for carrying 3 joints, but you can get off for the price of 5 ounces."
2. "I locked down a sweet crook/crooked on that rail/ledge."
by Diego August 14, 2003
the joyful feeling you get when drinking alcohol smoking weed and taking cocaine at a party
man, I am really crooked right now and i love it, let's go dancing
by gooooglakis January 07, 2010
a strongly disagreeable action, but not so much as a twisted one
that was crooked

he tried to do some crooked shit
by DWatson March 17, 2005
Newfoundland slang

A state of being ornery, fussy, or disagreeable. Can be a temporary condition, or a character trait.

Often coupled with the modifier "right", as in "right crooked", for emphasis.

note: the pronunciation favors an equal emphasis of the -crook and the -ed. Dissimilar to "booked".
"Crooked Mr. Flattery never gives out Halloween candies"

"Jane gets right crooked whenever Bill's around"
by gricha November 19, 2008
Something hood and ghetto. Often used in a bad text, or to describe a person or place. If you've ever seen a man in his car sitting way back in his chair and listening to the bass pounding, you have seen a crooked guy.
Person 1: Man, did you see that gangsta?

Person 2: Yeah, dude, he was real crooked.
by straight.up.g June 23, 2009
(adj.) used to describe a particular circumstance or thing which one highly favors, most often a replacement for synonyms such as good, preferable, awesome, etc.
"Man, that new PS2 game is crooked to the max, dog!"

"Did you notice how sexy that girl was!? She is totally crooked!"

"DUDE! Your new ride is crooked, man!"

"Yo momma sure can cook one damn crooked meal!"
by Anger E September 29, 2006
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