Australian slang - colloquial term for an amorous female
wrestling a crocodile
ie - to engage in consensual intercourse with an amorous female
by dan October 01, 2004
A stapler, hand-operated or electric.
Out of staples! Gotta feed the crocodile!
by pentozali August 27, 2008
Taken "Lacoste"'s logo (Company of clothing)

Name for person who wears fancy & expensive clothes.
"Yesterday i went to the prom. there was too many Crocodiles down there.
by Yoni zabari February 10, 2007
Inspired by Crocodile Dundee, another word for "done".
I was late showing up so all the beer was "crocodile".
by G_MON May 23, 2007
Something that is going to kill Steve Irwin one day
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
The description of a very large TURD laying in the toilet with part of it's Head above the water line,,,,Too many Beers and too much Garlic Pizza will make it float real good...,,
"Hey Willie-- come look at this Crocodile-- it want to climb out of the Shitter"
by Dr. Jimmy Dillrod January 21, 2005

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