the point of where your little toe is all messed up and ugly
Courtneys toes are all crocked
by i dont know November 26, 2002
Top Definition
shitfaced,drunk,done,burnt,and other wise completely fucked up
We just cracked open the Souther Comfort and got crocked.
by shitter friend October 05, 2003
To be crocked

When you are discovered collapsed in a loo with your pants round your ankles
bad luck on being crocked last night mate
by gc2008 March 19, 2008
Crazy rocked. To be totally destroyed or completely owned.
Dude, I crocked my elbow so madcore style.
by B420 March 19, 2006
Adj. Litterally, to be like a crocodile. Either having to do with the appearance of one's skin or one's teeth.
"I need to go to the orthodontist, my teeth are all crocked." or "You're looking a little crocked, you need some Pepto?"
by Inferno April 05, 2003
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