Croatian= Ustasa
Ustasa: The WW2 regime in Croatia and to exterminate and dispossess the Serbs, was one of the most horrendous episodes of World War II. The murder methods applied by Ustasha were extraordinarily primitive and sadistic: thousands were hurled from mountain tops, others were beaten to death or had their throats cut, entire villages were burned down, women raped, people sent on death marches in the middle of winter, and still others starved to death...
Now tell me who are the war criminals, the serbs or the croatians?
by antinazi August 07, 2005
The long lost links to humans, not entirely humans yet, not apes all that much. Usually prefer following others into wars, like Hitler. Also, they like pretending that they are actually brave and strong.
P1: Look at that monkey, acting all Croatian.

P2: Nah brah, that's the long lost link.

P1: Woah! It looked almost human!
by Firty Ducker May 15, 2016
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