an awesome place to live; mostly good people and good fun
Let's go to Croatia and have some fun.
by unknown November 05, 2003
1)some of the coolest people in the world.
2)the coolest soccer players (italy's too jealous)
3)drunken euros and card players
1)hey i'm Croatian, that means i'm one of the coolest people you'll ever meet.
2)give Italy the middle finger!
3)igrat šooster i pit vino
by croatians rule November 19, 2003
A person of Croatian descent. The males are usually recognized as the ones outdrinking every one in the bar while their smokin hot girlfriends sit next to them and wait to get them home and sexually ravage them.
"I thought my old boyfriend was good, but this Croatian guy has me walking bowl-legged in the morning"
by hrvatska June 06, 2003
One of the most best people in the world, with one of the best countries in the world!
Croatian people are the best!!
by CroatianKid June 22, 2005
~one that is a decent of Croatia
~by fact women are the hottest in the world
~containing no drinking age or smoking age
The croatian culture is one that is unbelieved to exist in reality.
by a past croatian resident October 29, 2003
Croatians are maybe the greatest nation in the world.
ZA DOM SPREMNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Za Dom spremni August 23, 2005
The being of (at most times) completely random, incoherent and generally confusing.
This will include brief moments of complete sentences, absolute genius and amazingly creative ideas.
Dude: "Hey bro, what you getting up to today?"
DD: "I miss the Cupcake".
Dude: "Dude, stop being such a Croatian".
#croatian #coration #kroation #kroatian #random #cupcake #wtf
by Pustolio February 06, 2011
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