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the gunk in between someones toes
croatians are the gunk in between my toes
by cevapi August 18, 2011
10 29
I don't know, but I know their women are gorgeous!
Dude, Krtolic daughter is hot!
by ::analogue:: January 08, 2004
658 342
The act of becoming incredibly inebriated with little regard for the property or well-being of others.
At Kyle's house on friday I got fucking Croatian and destroyed the TV
by SlitherTip October 02, 2006
568 327
Croatian girls ride cock like no other chicks in the world! If you find a girl who even has a tiny bit of Croatian in her, take her home!!!! She will give you the best night of your life! They are the sexiest girls in the world!
Man I just got me some Croatian last night, best of my life!!!
261 77
Croats are fun-loving party people. They have a beautiful beach, hot people, an awesome soccer team and are very patriotic towards their country. They are also home to great euro dance Colonia! Anyone who disagrees is PURE jealous!!!
Those Croatian girls are gorgeous and love to have a good time!
by Noelle Spiech October 16, 2005
446 263
~one that is a decent of Croatia
~by fact women are the hottest in the world
~containing no drinking age or smoking age
The croatian culture is one that is unbelieved to exist in reality.
by a past croatian resident October 29, 2003
574 400
Croatian... also meaning the best damn thing that eyes and ears can lay themselves on... and the bets thing a hand can touch. If you're croatian... you can also be considered a king or (f) queen.
Adrik is a croatian.... he is the coolest person in his radius.
by Adrik September 22, 2003
332 228
people with the best heart in the world
these croatians beat the shit outa those yugos
by the croatian sensation May 30, 2003
369 294