a snipe that hits the corner where the cross bar and post meet.
would you look at that shit mays went croast again. what a fuckin beauty.
by dmartz March 30, 2011
Top Definition
v. Any cooking process which results in food that tastes like crap.
"oh man, i croasted that chicken, lets go out for dinner instead"
by TheLegacyofWood April 16, 2005
Any cooking method wherein the food turns out tasting like crap.
Man, I croasted that chicken; let's order some pizza instead.
by MrWizard August 04, 2005
to roast something over a small open flame.
croast He roasted a marshmallow over a small flame from a burned out fire.
by poofo August 26, 2009
n.Anything that cooked so that it is not edible.
"Man I croasted that chicken, lets go out for lunch"
by gabriella-91- May 28, 2005

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