1)to collapse; to break; to tremble
2)criveling- trembling; shaking
3)to be criveled- a weakened state
"Joel's legs criveled and he tripped up the steps."
"Bekki began criveling with laughter as Joel fell down the steps."
by QuirkyCapricorn April 02, 2007
Top Definition
The most beautiful sight but at the same time, the most fearful.

It is the morning sun and the dark sky and the grass, and the black crow flying, and the snow on winter.
Crivel is whatever you can think of. It can be used to replace whatever word you want, but don't overuse the crivel. You have to learn to appreciate the crivel.
Use crivel in everyday sentences:
1: You must be one with the crivel before you question the crivel.

2: May the crivel be with you.

3: Crivel is a virtue.
by HamDaddi March 10, 2015
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