the ultimate state of ecstasy or euphoria obtained through ingestion of illicit drug(s) or substance(s)- also known as a "peak." A certain concentration of drug ingested by an individual causes this state of critical mass. Beyond this point of critical mass, further drug intake does not result in increased euphoria or ecstasy.
You want another E? "Nah, I've reached critical mass."
by mattrsf August 19, 2005
The weight at which a person looks their best or has their best figure.
Beyonce was at critical mass while filming "The Fighting Temptations".
by lovell May 24, 2005
a collective group of people who join together for a greater cause.
the kids saw the pigs comming down the street, and all formed a critical mass and pushed the dumpster into the middle of the street and set in on fire.
by sam March 14, 2005
What you yell at the climax of phone sex, if you are a fat sweaty nerd who lives with his parents and has no job at 20.
" uh uh uh.... critical mass... did i tell you my name was paul? "
*thankyou for calling kids helpline*
by grouter55 July 13, 2003
Calvin's Mom is fat. She's so fat she has her own zip code.
I looked at the gargantuan lump of Calvin's mom in front of me; realizing that it would soon reach criticalmass, I ran away.
by Jonathan Conaty March 30, 2005
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