An absolutely beautiful person. She is smart, funny, beautiful and the best daughter anyone could ask for.
please be a cristen
by crismom November 30, 2011
that all around cool dude that your life would be incomplete without
Cristen can be a guy's name too
by blankman536 February 03, 2010
a attention whore bitch whoo no 1 likes nn thnks shee is amazing whenn shes not =]
"ewww itss cristen. yyy cnt she just stfu???"
by =]]]]]]]]]]]]]<3 February 21, 2009
A stupid whore... who is not good at the friendship thing.
Man, I thought we had a good friendship going, why'd youhave to go and turn all Cristen on me?
by Emily March 21, 2004
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