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Getting set on fire or being burned
That guys trying to crispy cream me with his flamethrower.
by Star killer October 08, 2011
4 0
A glazed face as the result of rubbing it all over a wet pussy.

Alternately, when a woman sits on you and rubs her pussy all over your face.

"Baby I love it when you grind on my face, now come kiss my crispy cream"
by M. Hermon October 17, 2007
10 6
Someone who stands up for nothing or anyone (wussy) they talk shit, but when it comes down to doing something about it they turn into a crispy cream dougnut - all sugary sweet and plyable under pressure.
John was a crispy cream when he was asked his opinion on a subject.
by CRISPY CREAM HATER October 16, 2007
7 4
When you masturbate, ejaculate and fall asleep before cleaning up your discharge,... then have to clean it off yourself when you wake up and everything has dried.
I was watching Sabado Gignate last night before bed, got really tired while I was wanking it and Crispy Creamed myself.
by Merk Colasserone May 08, 2013
0 0
Term for a Caucasian person extremely sun burnt. Because they are 'burnt to a crisp' and cream is white.
by laclaclaclaclaclac July 27, 2010
2 3
When a guy ejaculates on a girls stomach,lets it dry out, and then feeds it to her. It is both cripy and creamy, and the ladies love it!
Last night was awesome, I crispy creamed Sara and she loved it.
by RANDRSR March 27, 2008
8 9
deep-fried semen. Ususally made out of ignorance or idiocy.
"Why the hell did you make crispy cream you dumbass?"
by AJ 187 July 29, 2003
5 21