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Getting set on fire or being burned
That guys trying to crispy cream me with his flamethrower.
by Star killer October 08, 2011
A glazed face as the result of rubbing it all over a wet pussy.

Alternately, when a woman sits on you and rubs her pussy all over your face.

"Baby I love it when you grind on my face, now come kiss my crispy cream"
by davidhume2000 October 17, 2007
Someone who stands up for nothing or anyone (wussy) they talk shit, but when it comes down to doing something about it they turn into a crispy cream dougnut - all sugary sweet and plyable under pressure.
John was a crispy cream when he was asked his opinion on a subject.
by CRISPY CREAM HATER October 16, 2007
When you butt fuck someone and you orgasm in their asshole not too deep inside and you let the cum harden to fully solidify their asshole shut
She is going to get a crispy cream but she dont know yet!
by Plantation nigglet May 13, 2016
When you masturbate, ejaculate and fall asleep before cleaning up your discharge,... then have to clean it off yourself when you wake up and everything has dried.
I was watching Sabado Gignate last night before bed, got really tired while I was wanking it and Crispy Creamed myself.
by Merk Colasserone May 08, 2013
A combination of the 'dutch oven' and a 'cream pie'. You fart, then pull the covers over the "victim" and shoot a load on their face while cooking the cream pie in the oven you just made.
She said I wasn't freaky enough so I pulled out the Crispy Cream when she was sleeping.
by fatazzpandaman October 15, 2014
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