a saucy white girl from texas
Crispin is one hot momma.
by sally April 04, 2005
he just a misogynistic woman hata with serious cunt(r)y issues
by related relative June 17, 2003
bad smelling cyber stalker
ooooooo he was a bit *crispin*
by pasititgirl June 02, 2003
Smelly chode.
EW what a Crispin.
by hello November 26, 2003
creepy crippen like character with little or no friends except those he has groomed via the internet
oh he is a bit *crispin*
by everard June 03, 2003
he was so *crippin*
by PiG June 03, 2003
cocksure wanker who has a bad halitosis problem
god your breath smells a bit *crispin*
by pasitgirl June 02, 2003
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