Larger species of greying elf found grazing in areas of dense literature. Believed to survive predominantly on crime novels, which it consumes leaving only traces of a brittle, crisp-like substance as evidence of its existence. Crispin-catching emerged as a popular pastime during the 1830's, but the practice is now obsolete. Historians have recently questioned the validity of crispin sightings, and indeed they are now generally regarded as mythical creatures by the majority of the populus, believed in only by crazed booksellers who have recently been Dowled.
"Quick carruthers! Fetch the rifle or indeed the dustpan and brush! I believe I have a crispin in my sights!"
by David Cowpell Downtrodden October 01, 2004
Top Definition
something that is very good (Jonathan Ross)
yeah dude that's crispin!
by tom March 29, 2005
a well mannered teenager usually excelling in soccer
this kids seems just like a crispin!
#intelligent #athletic #funny #smart #charming
by chschick February 19, 2009
A certain breed individuals who fails at everything. This person likes to think highly of them-self and they often forget what a tool bag they really are.
Theodore: " Yo my nigga Jay, did you make that hoop?"

Jay: " Nah.. crispin"
#crispin #man #people #person #male
by sistafromanothamista1234 October 15, 2013
Those dried up and crispy little toilet paper balls that are hanging from your girls pubic hairs, from the last time she wiped after going Pee. They dry up and become crispy. Hence the word crispin.
Upon further inspection I noticed little crispins hanging from my wife's pubes. I knew that it might not be safe to go down there without her taking a shower first.
#krispins #crispy critters #crispies #krispies #lint balls
by Manchvegaseddieg March 01, 2014
When someone does something really stupid they are a 'Crispin'


A butters/weird/annoying person
*falls down stairs*

Friend: LOL you are such a Crispin!!!


Friend: hahaha that guy in the shop was such a Crispin!
#idiot #dumbass #stupid #silly #annoying
by thandiwe February 07, 2012
The small space between a refrigerator and the wall.
Damn it! I lost my superball behind the crispin!
#refrigerator #crispin #wall #space #applience
by Ben Lastname September 18, 2006
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