1.When friends gather at tim/jordans to get really really high!
1.Awww man I'm so crippled.
by Ryan February 18, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who has been newly initiated into the "Crips" gang.
D'bo just got initiated into the Crips. Let's get buck n' crunk to dat funky c-walk in celebration to his being crippled.

Q: Why's the sky blue?
A: 'Cause the Earth B crippled cuz!
#gang #crips #crip #wank #thug #bum #shower
by Ballz-Loc April 25, 2007
being so high that you can not feel your legs or other partsof your body
The other day we ripped the bong so hard we were fuckin crippled
#blitzed #high #blown #retarded #faded
by Tommy Lyons March 25, 2007
Being extremely drunk or high.
I'm getting crippled tonight!
#hammered #fucked up #drunk #shitty #shitfaced #shithammered
by r-word April 01, 2009
the feeling in ones body after a night of intense and repetitive sex after refraining from sexual encounters for a period of time.
whatever, I'm glad my girlfriend turned out to be a lesbian because last night I got crippled by this bartender with Lisa Loeb glasses. *high fives*
#sex #slut #fuck #handicap #cool
by bobby cocks January 24, 2011
when something's funny, doesn't go right, or something you don't want to do. and something that's stupid and pisses you off.
look at her hair! it looks crippled!

i don't wanna do this shit, it's crippled!

i'm moving... that's crippled!

#funny #cool #stupid #crappy #retarded
by mariahbriana July 11, 2008
Mostly used in video games. It's when either you, an opponet, or Non Playable Charcter hits you or them so hard that it only leaves you or them with a very small or very little ammount of health remaing.
Dude that guy just crippled me with that 25 hit combo from Ryu.
#pain #little #hard attack #health #almost dead
by drider July 13, 2010
a crippled person is someone who have a physical or mental deficiency.
I'm emosionally crippled
by Fede July 15, 2005
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