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What one says when they are extremely annoyed of frustrated by another or something. Often replaces the "damn it".
CRIPES! Would you just leave me the Hell alone already?!
by CoshSA May 30, 2005
78 22
Used to express annoyance, anger, or dismay.

An alteration of "Christ."
Cripes! I forgot my bloody dagger in the church!
by ohdiesel June 01, 2004
217 70
An exclamtion found somewhere inbetween the words ‘crap’ and ‘Christ’.
Cripes, I forgot my keys again!!
by Victor Van Styn October 07, 2005
78 34
Variant of "Christ!" used as an cry of exclimation.
Ah cripe, I shit my pants again!
by turdburglar February 22, 2005
48 15
i love joe cassidy; to be fond of joseph s. cassidy
like, omg guys...cripes!
by amee November 23, 2004
5 116