you say this if you a rival of the cripz...
bloods started it all
B-Loc_nigga ima go bust they heads
B Krazy_nigga lets go cuz we muthafuckin CRIP KILLaz
B-Loc_Bounty Hunter Bloodz fa life
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a person how wants to end the lives of people who are associated with the gang crips.
That motherfucker is a crip killa.
by Jay Dizzle March 16, 2005
cripkilla is a mix of cocaine and ketamine. crip stands for the coke part and killa for the ketamine part. when one is taking cripkilla they will fell both awake and alert as well as down and week.
hey mike we cripkilling tonight.
do you want some cripkilla
by operationwasted June 21, 2011
Killa of dem crips. Notice, "crips" is not capitalized, as it is a group containing no valid or important people.
crip killa!
crip killa!
put a knife in...
crip zilla!
by anti-tommy November 03, 2006
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