a little peice of food that is yummy (bigger than a crumb, but smaller than a peice)and if someone took it from you, you would freak out.They're so good.
OHH Bren, Look its a crinky.
YES these crinkys are soooo good!
by Brendan February 09, 2004
Top Definition
1)a mix of two words crazy and kinky used to describe an especially good session of rough or semi-rough sex or to describe someone with the same interests in rough sex as you
1) I heard John and Naomi had a crinky night last night, I heard them going until sunrise!

2) Oh Naomi, you're my crinky lover...
by johnandnaomi October 03, 2007
a mix of the words creepy and kinky. Usually used after a friend has said something and is used to show that there is both a creepy factor and a sexual factor associated with the said statement.
Person 1: GOD DAMN IT! I just want to shut you up right now!

Person 2: That's crinky, man.
by guesswhothisis34567 December 11, 2010
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