when someone falls, or whipesout during an activity. originally used to describe a skier or snowboarder who just fell.
"Yo Evan just crinkled trying a 3 on the kicker."
by money5 May 02, 2009
Top Definition
The vertical lines around your asshole.
Tom has 15 crinkles around his butthole.
by laceyo June 07, 2006
A cross between a crease and a wrinkle. Can also be used as a verb.
My printer crinkled up my paper when it got jammed.
by rufusb22 June 08, 2009
the beginning stage of a crush. when you first start to get interested in a person before you actually start liking them. the stage where you want to get to know them
Ben had just met Sally but he thought he might have a crinkle on her.
by Luhfawnduh July 05, 2012
To party hard and get drunk!
We are about to get crinkle.
by Degeneration X February 26, 2012
An elderly person, esp. those who exhibit negative effects of old age - loose fitting skin, crankiness, limited mobility, etc.
Damned crinkle pulled right out in front of me.
by m f November 11, 2007
A wrinkle in one's cock.
Girl: Hey, you got a crinkle.
Kevin Batchelor: Thanks.
by Jon January 24, 2005

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