When you see people describing their girlfriends on urban dictionary as if its the most original thing in the world

The name for the most awesome person ever, It is impossible to fit so much awesome into any other person.

This is cringey
by The Gadd June 21, 2011
Top Definition
embarrassing or making feel uncomfortable
in facebook public wall,
Rosie -Text mee chic
Lauren - rosie, stop being soo cringey:( + will doo
by prashan.sl January 10, 2012
when people type and speak like little freaks
h3w0 b4bi3 cak4s yh00 okii3 hunni3??

by jess francis February 15, 2009
A term used in England for what americans would refer to as "creepers". Someone who is a scary person who likes to hit on the opposite or really even the same sex. Is used as an adjective.
Wow his behavior in the bar last night was really cringey.
by Sha la la la la November 30, 2009

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