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A woman's period. Often used in the phrase "riding the crimson tide" -- which can mean "having one's period" or "having sex with a woman who has her period"
I'm riding the crimson tide -- you have a spare pad?
by TechnoZombie September 19, 2003
Especially heavy menstural cycle, usually suffered by coeds in Tuscaloosa, AL
Peggy-sue couldn't keep her date with her brother to watch the Bama football game because her crimson tide overflowed her maxipad.
by Voodoo-man 13 November 06, 2011
A lady's time of the month...

To be 'on the blob' is to have a Crimson Tide
by Lanz212 March 13, 2013
Nickname for the University of Alabama atletics teams.
The Crimson Tide soundly defeated Auburn today on the basketball court!
by Justin Lackey May 01, 2005
another word for a woman's period; to be on the rag; to have a poon that looks as if Moses himself had parted the red sea between your thighs.
I am on the crimson tide this week. BLOODY PooN. ILove Jay Harve! Jason wants to lick my crimson tide...SHOCKER
by bread infection October 23, 2005
A drank created by mixing Vodka, Mountain Dew Code Red, and liquid Tide detergent. Some fucked up shit.
Yo nigga pass me some a dat crimson tide
by NickNickNick34 October 11, 2008
(sex term) when a girl is having her period and she stands on top of you and her bloody menstration run over your body
Dude, last night Ana just gave me the gnarliest Crimson Tide ever. It was so nasty.
by D1234567654321 January 19, 2007
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