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This is a term used to describe chrome rims.
Those crims look really ugly on that skyline.
by drebel_3 January 11, 2011
Short for "cyber criminal." Originally coined by Rick Hayes on the InfoSec Daily Podcast in 2012.
The crims are threatening Symantec, and are saying that they will release source code!
by Skiboy May 07, 2012
elite person or highly skilled
dude, that guy really is crim!
by phanaticbitch September 14, 2008
Chrome rims
"yo, look a that whip sitting on crims."
by WinManCan May 13, 2012
A Clique Based On The Series Uglies, Pretties, Specials, And Extras. They Do Supa Sweet Things To Keep Them Bubbly. All Members Have Their First Name With Either La, Or Wa On The End. Kace-la Is The Leader.
Woah, It's The Crims! They Are So Cool.
by kaciemarie12 April 04, 2008
The act of being stoned while still being perfectly awake and aware of your surroundings and totally detoxed, but still being able to be insulted about smoking pot and shit. This often causes the "crim" to be insulted regularly before giving up and accepting he's a stoner. Is actually constantly planning Communist or Extreme right takeovers using John Petrucci guitars.
When did Crag become such a crim.....
by Ross MacLeod October 18, 2007
A word that is often used by nigerians to describe a person as a hick or to describe someone that is worse then faggotry
Ex1. Hey Joe! Your such a crim for not cooking those beans right.

Ex1. When we were walking down the street we saw a crim digging through the garbage cans.
by ZynCzor March 06, 2010

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