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Career Criminal Politician.

1) One who seals records for decades.

2) One who misappropriates taxes for the benefit of one's supporters and oneself.
3) One who misuses laws to benefit of one's supporters and oneself.
4) One who authorizes brutal and deadly force for any monetary gains for one's supporters and oneself
5) One who perpetrates theft of natural resources from the citizens, which inherently belong to the citizens such as land and water.
Jerry Brown is a crimpol
Bill Clinton is a crimpol
Richard Nixon is a crimpol
Ronald Reagan is a crimpol
Lindon Johnson is a crimpol
George Bush is a crimpol
George W. Bush is a crimpol
Eliot Spitzer is a crimpol
#politician #lawyer #democrat #republican #fascist #communist #oligarchy #dictator
by True_Justice September 25, 2010
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