A homosexual in extreme denial, since anyone who goes to jail will definitely get raped by members of the same sex.

Incarceration and capital punishment being inadequate deterrents for persons to commit crime, the thrill of being raped is the only motive.
"Hey man, I'm a businessman, I sell dope, I sell coke, I sell phet, I sell ket. I make my money the way the streets demand."

"No, you're a criminal, and we're going to fuck you until your asshole looks like a whale's blowhole."
by Okotoimako November 05, 2011
A hack, of various forms including political, used against a person who's rich or abundant in money.
"Our government is run by criminals."
by Dave January 14, 2004
Criminal, hood ass, half blacc, half viet kid from west pittsburg.
c4_CriMinaL ...hood niggah form west pittsburg...
by DADDY February 21, 2005
n. Someone who does not have the financial means/power to hire a capable lawyer.
A: "hey thats a criminal"
B: "Oh yeah? wat did he do?"
A: "He couldn't afford a lawyer"
by KYJC October 01, 2007

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