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Criminal - A black male from the age of 10-Death
Also known as a "nigger"
Person A: I just saw a criminal!
Person B: Was it OJ?
by x TwiTcHz April 10, 2010
A hack, of various forms including political, used against a person who's rich or abundant in money.
"Our government is run by criminals."
by Dave January 14, 2004
Criminal, hood ass, half blacc, half viet kid from west pittsburg.
c4_CriMinaL ...hood niggah form west pittsburg...
by DADDY February 21, 2005
n. Someone who does not have the financial means/power to hire a capable lawyer.
A: "hey thats a criminal"
B: "Oh yeah? wat did he do?"
A: "He couldn't afford a lawyer"
by KYJC October 01, 2007