CrimethInc. is an international "workers collective" of men and women who are not willing to be mere "workers" anymore. Are you?

For liberation, visit:
Should I give an example, or should an example give me?
by Hiro Protagonist February 16, 2004
Top Definition
The outcome of being culturally un-conditioned in capitalist society, and the appropriate lifestyle changes that result from this.
There is no example of crimethinc to give, other then maybe the feeling you get by making love on an abandoned super highway, or when time goes out the window.
by avlokiteshvara April 15, 2006
A great example of Individualist Anarchists. They believe in only self liberation, having no praxis on issues such as the class struggle. Believe that eating out of trash cans and living in abandoned houses and not learning anything will smash the state.
Those crimethincers are a bunch of tools.
by iaintmarchinganymore November 03, 2007
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