The aftermath of a heavy night of drinking followed by a violent puke session with blatant disregard for location.

Often the mess is left for dead.
That was one hell of a crime scene you left.
by thill sgt. March 03, 2004
Top Definition
Having sex when with a girl on her period. The sheets are bloody.
Last night you left a hell of a crime scene in my bed. My sheets are tie-dyed.
by geniusH August 06, 2006
The back of a taxi cab or car the morning after hitting the late night drive thru - littered with half eaten burgers and french fries....
What the hell? The back of the Bryan's truck is a Crime Scene!

Yea, we hit White Castle at 3 AM coming home from downtwon....
by B. Hanback July 26, 2009
A place where there is lots of visible evidence of the presence of a filthy tart that has come on and doesn't clean up after herself. Whether this be bedsheets soaked in menstral blood, or more common to find, a ladies loo with pints of blood on the walls, bog and floor and bloody bog roll blocking the bog itself.
That skanky hoe hella left a crime scene in the bog last night. I bet she's got a minge like a bullet wound.
by fookmey'no December 12, 2010
When you are having sex with a girl with the lights off and you think she is super wet for you, but then when it's over you get up and turn on the lights, and it looks like someone was murdered in your bed because she was on her period. CSI in that bed!
Last night I was boning Emily and and I thought she was super wet, but then when I turned on the lights it looked like a crime scene.
by hoola123 November 27, 2012
a crude form of explaining ones private parts.
"Baby, come over later, and we can examine each other's Crime-scenes.... and possibly do a little crime-scene clean-up!"
by Branden Lee Miller October 20, 2007
What a chick would say instead of "rubbing one out" when it's that time of the month.
That was one hell of a crime scene. I'm so relaxed now, I think I'll take a nap.
by mgill238 May 09, 2008
When you are having sex and choking a girl to enhance her orgasm but accidently choke her too long and she suffocates. Instead of stopping you blow your load on her face leaving your DNA evidence for the police. If she does not die it's called attempted murder.
Dude I was having sex with this girl and I turned it into a crime scene. Will you post bail for me?
by Pittduq February 01, 2010
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