Really good phone service that is available in most areas. Unlimited txt messaging and unlimited minutes make it the best choice for most people. The one main downside is that most of the idiots who work for them are nothing but fly catchers.
I love my cricket cell phone. I can take it with me anywhere I go and count on it to work!
by RAWRjosh June 26, 2007
A skanky chick that loves to get on some cock. She is never happy with just one cock. She bounces around all day trying to find different cock. Most guys will not take a cricket home to their mom. Usually a cricket is large, and/or missing teeth. Crickets love anything that deals with taking a cock.
" Man, that chick megan is such a cricket. After she let me pull an ATM (ass to mouth) on her, she went to my homie larrys crib to get a good pumpin before bed."
by skinnyp March 06, 2008
A penis that is bigger in width than in length that squirts out cum uncontrollably. Ususally used as an insult.

Also see chode and boner
U r a cricket!
That guy has a cricket!
by Queeqwam November 22, 2003
a person who engages in sex with alot of different people more than a couple times a day or week, kinda like a bedhopper they jump from person to person.
That girl Samantha is a cricket.
by C. Smizzle June 28, 2007
penis that is shorter in length then it is in width that uncontrollably shoots cum (purple headed yogurt slinger)
God your such a cricket.
Oh man i have such a cricket.
by queequm November 19, 2003
A slut that you have only sex with and nothing else.
After the game I'm callin up my cricket to get a peace
by Trev1981 March 08, 2006
a youngstown ohio slang term for a black person
aw, its the first. dennys is gonna be infested with crickets!
by heavy b March 29, 2007
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