To blantantly ignore someone
Jennifer asked Jacquelyn how the John Mayer concert was and she totally cricketed her.
by monagram September 25, 2006
a breaker move like the turtle except you bounce back and fourth from hand to hand instead of just lifting and shifting.
a cricket is alot harder then the turtle
by blazed December 15, 2004
Slur for black person. Reference to black neighborhoods being the only place where you find Cricket phone stores.
"Look at all those damn crickets over there, jumpin' around, chirpin', and playin' basketball."
by XDavid PolicastroX August 30, 2009
A slang word to describe cocaine. Usually this lingo is used between the drug dealer and the customer to ensure that no one else knows what you are talking about it. Cricket is used becuase it's a symbol of silence so it implies that we should keep our illegal buisness a secret and not be too flashy about it.

Other Slang terms go along with this to describe the potency of the cocaine like "chirp". Cricket that makes you chirp can be translated to cocaine that is good quality which causes you to feel the effects more strongly.
Yo, this cricket is making me chirp!
Hey, can I get some cricket from you?
This cricket made me chirp all night and I couldn't sleep!
He met someone in the bathroom with cricket and he'll be chirpping all night!
Break out some lines or cricket, I want to chirp!
My snowman has to re-up on some cricket and then we can chirp chirp!
by MemphisCEO October 25, 2010
another word for a bluetooth headset
I can never tell if someone is talking to me or not when they've got a cricket on their ear!
by chadSTAkillz January 26, 2010
The equivalent to being Lame, dumb, or just plain no fun...ever.
I know Missouri State is full of a lot of "cricket like" girls.
by jwass428 August 01, 2009
Old person, usually driving
"Move your fucking ass you cricket!"
by sambucca September 15, 2005
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