a word used to disguise smoking weed with others. (eg. cricket = the act of smoking weed, an over = one sitting, a bat = one cone)
i batted four times in one over of cricket yesterday (i smoked four cones in one sitting yesterday)
by I. M. Baked January 30, 2010
Annoying "Hoes" "Cunts" or "Sluts" who will constantly bug the shit out of you and don't shut up such as a cricket making noises.
Yo dog I got these crickets on my tip! I already tapped one but the rest wont cut it.

Hey bro you know these crickets? The one cricket in the middle is annoying as fuck!

sluts bug hoe cunts sexual cricket
by Ant41793 January 05, 2011
A Boring Sport Played By Pricks.
A: Wanna play cricket?
B: No It's Crap
A: Ikr
by CaolanMckeeIsABeast June 01, 2014
absolute silence (said of communication, from the cinematic metaphor)
All the school got from showing the add to the students was crickets.
by The Return of Light Joker April 01, 2011
Worst wireless carrier to date. Don't waste your money, you will regret it when you see how bad the service is. Buy yourself something nice instead.
You got Cricket? Oh, I'm so sorry!
by saynotocricket July 02, 2010
A word used to define a girl who refuses to reveal her true identity, and then uses a word otherwise used as a form of sport, or as an insect, or as a cell phone service provider, and refuses to tell her name to anybody unless a person resorts to blackmail.
"Who's that?"
"That's Cricket."
"I thought that was a sport?"
"Yeah but she won't tell us her name."
by seanbunny January 31, 2009
To blantantly ignore someone
Jennifer asked Jacquelyn how the John Mayer concert was and she totally cricketed her.
by monagram September 25, 2006

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