A variation of darts frequently played in bars.
Grab the darts from the barkeeper and let's play cricket.
by MikeK June 26, 2005
Acceptable form of behaviour, British behaviour in particular.
We don't kick men in the balls. It isnt cricket. (Taken from Austin Powers 2)
by Greg Hill March 30, 2004
People that make a ton of noise when you're not around, but get extremely hush hush when you are present. Hence running their mouths behind your back.
The crickets stopped chirping as soon as I was around
by making_haters_mad November 03, 2011
Cricket is a religion. It is demographically more prominent in India. The followers of this religion worship the Greatest Legendary batsman "Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar".
Cricket is my religion and Sachin is my god.
by SachinMyGod April 02, 2011
very cheep cell phone company that is everywhere(at least in ohio). like Starbucks its on ever corner.
there color is bright green and there symbol is a giant K
man:i just got this cricket phone for 45$ a month!
girl: ohh the unlimited everything plan!
man: yup!
girl: which store? main and third?
man: no main and second!
girl: ohh that's the nice one!!
by owayday March 02, 2009
A game that Indians are very, very serious about.
So they had a strip of ground about twelve feet wide and forty long - one wicket was a trash can, the other was a chair. Jivaji gets the ball and wings it at the wicket, blowing the trash can to tiny little bits.

Cricket is a serious game.

by Chester Bogus November 21, 2007
Quietness that is unexpected or sudden. Especially when the audience doesn't understand. A time when you'd expect only to hear crickets, due to the silence. A slow lonely time
You could hear a pin drop.
1)Were you busy at work? Nah, it was crickets.

2) He told a joke which nobody understood. Then it was crickets.
by nnely September 24, 2012

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