When you prove someone wrong and they have no response.
My boss screamed at me for not completing an assignment he said he had given me. When I showed him that it was still in his brief case, he went all crickets.
by jackel_inthebox March 05, 2006
When you text/call someone and they don't respond. They are giving you "crickets"
I text him last night but he gave me crickets...
by houstonsocialbutterfly July 09, 2009
a term used for something being not right or correct
dave and jon walked in the elevator and it jerked un controllably
john says " that deffinatly isnt cricket"
by mgk squires May 23, 2005
The response from a friend about a previous night's activities, typically following heavy alcohol consumption.
You: "Last night was sloppy – can you believe we ate burgers at Zuni?!"
Friend: No response or recollection…crickets…
by Itwasnt Me May 08, 2007
1.One of the most boring games to watch, but it's bloody good fun when your playin' it.

2.Small green bug thing. Makes annoying sound.
1. It's just not cricket
2. Chiiirrrpp chiiirrrpp!
by Onya July 28, 2006
A variation of darts frequently played in bars.
Grab the darts from the barkeeper and let's play cricket.
by MikeK June 26, 2005
A subtle way to describe or insult a woman that is known for jumping from bed to bed, also known as a whore.
That girl is such a cricket. She was with 3 guys last week.
by Brisko53 October 11, 2010

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