1. A common insect of the Gryllinae family. The soothing (or annoying) music of this small grasshopper like creature can be heard on any warm quiet night in rural areas.

Crickets are known to infest houses in large numbers if left uncontrolled and also resort to cannibalism if hungry enough. Many pet stores supply crickets as a food source for larger pets and in some parts of the world they are eaten by people as well. Crickets are a surprisingly nutritious food.

On television crickets are often used as a sound effect accompanying a failed performance or unfunny joke.

2. A popular team sport played in countries like England, and its bitches India and Australia. Also known as Steroid-Free Baseball or 2nd World Rounders. The "bat" used in this game resemble the paddle used to beat freshman class students.
1. On Fear Factor Joe saw a woman force herself to eat a bowl of crickets.

2. Watching grass grow is more entertaining than watching a game of cricket. Let’s play Hockey instead!
by CamaCamaCamaCamaCameleooon January 18, 2006
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A game of skill and gentlemanly conduct where everyone hates the Australians equally.
Not those Aussie cunts again!
by Michael Atherton August 25, 2003
A gentlemen's game and the sport baseball tries to be.
Fancy a game of cricket?
by Serminigo April 29, 2006
A gentlemans sport. Brilliantly concieved and very difficult to master. Par superior to shoddy imitations played in certain countries.
by Bigrattus June 12, 2003
A thing that makes noise when your jokes aren't funny. Somehow, every single time you tell a bad joke, the damn cricket just happens to be there to mock you. He makes you cry.
Bad comedian: So the monkey says to me "how are you?" haha


Cricket: *cricket* you suck *cricket*

Bad comedian: Boo hoo. :'(
by Baxton September 02, 2005
Alongside Rugby Union, cricket is the original Gentlemans Game. Requiring the most intense of concentration, batter's and fielder's may have to stand in the field for up to 5 days. Extremely difficult to perfect and enjoyed by 9 main nations, it is a time-honoured tradition enjoyed by many.
"Australia is the Cricket World Champion."
by ive-ree August 26, 2003
cricket is a legend of a game played with a bat and a ball.
Only gentlemen can play cricket
by Gareth Ronan August 29, 2006
A game that Indians are very, very serious about.
So they had a strip of ground about twelve feet wide and forty long - one wicket was a trash can, the other was a chair. Jivaji gets the ball and wings it at the wicket, blowing the trash can to tiny little bits.

Cricket: a serious game.

by Chester Bogus November 21, 2007

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