crooked, or bent
That road is cricked.
by Evan July 03, 2003
Top Definition
Heavily intoxicated by various substances and illicit chemicals. Predominantly alcohol. Usage of the term typically revolves around South Western Pennsylvania, particularly in Westmoreland County.
I was so cricked that I forgot how to chew dude...
by wrightr333 April 24, 2009
angled or curved; not straight.
most commonly used to describe an instance of walking, strolling, or leading a path of indeterminate or unusual direction; tends to result in the nudging and/or disruption of one traveling beside you.

Such can be the product of undefined walking spaces normally present in sidewalks and narrow hallways.
As Bridget traveled across the parking lot, she walked cricked, nudging Noyes as he attempted to walk with his arm around her.
by walkingstraight2012 January 09, 2012
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