A Place where you eat ,

I'm going back to my crib to watch Yo MTV Cribs
by Xaviera Harvarey June 24, 2003
Beach house, holiday home, shack.

This definition of the word 'crib' is a colloquialism used almost exclusively by inhabitants of New Zealand's South Island.

See also; Bach.
We're gonna head down to the crib next weekend, do you wanna come?
by Attolia March 29, 2012
Place where a prostitute whoreentertains her clients johns.
The whores were all leaning out of their cribs, trying to entice customers.
by Nan C March 03, 2007
My house and my bed, FOOL!!!!
Wanna come over to the crib-turf and play with Saints?
by Saints September 12, 2003
a bed for children like a mini prison
my child was easy to shake in it's crib
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
humble abode
Going back to my crib to catch some winks
by Bungalow Bill October 06, 2001
anything can be crib and can be used in a variety of sentances like the following
the wendys crib
chillin in the garage is crib
this bleazy is crib
whats up (at this crib)
by vinny maysinthisdictionarycrib August 21, 2007

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