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A very old expression for one's dwelling or place of residence.

Common for at least the last 160 years.
Come on over to my crib.
by Bumkicker Slade April 25, 2005
78 75
home, domicile, or dwelling
Dang du...your CRIB is phat YO! (Your house is very pleasing to the eye; Contemporary flare, yet structurally sound. May I have a look around my good man?)
by Brownllama August 28, 2003
1109 175
A person's place of residence
Lets just go back to the CRIB and chill
by RoadSense July 09, 2003
454 148
residence; often located in one's hood
Damn, bitch, get yo fly ass over to my crib!
by Mikey March 23, 2003
311 132
1. Place of residence, esp for a home boy from the hood.

2. What a baby sleeps in.
1. Call over ma crib later for some drinks

2. The baby's in the crib, awww
by magicloudz December 06, 2003
204 110
word obviously derived from the actual definition, meaning place of residence, where you live,and where you were raised.
ima chill bak at my crib
by warning December 24, 2005
114 71
n / v., Complain, rant.
Dude, will you stop cribbing about the weather?
She cribs all the time
by Macha August 15, 2006
137 98
(Australian) noun: light meal, cut lunch, etc. eaten at work; typically in a 'crib room'.
Ten already? I'll just have a slash and see you in the crib room.
(Translation) Good heavens! Is that the time? I'll go and urinate, then we'll have morning tea together in the staff room.
by Malcolm Fletcher September 10, 2007
34 17