Gang, set.
Fuck you and your crew.
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
Crew is the sport of rowing a boat as fast as you can to a finishing point before another team reaches there. In the city of Malden in Massachusetts, this sport is also known as Fat Emo Kids in a Boat.
Person 1: Have you heard about the Crew team's loss yesterday?
Person 2: You mean the Fat Emo Kids in a Boat?
Person 1: Yeah.
Person 2: Yeah, I watched them lose. They didn't have enough energy to row down the river to the finish line.
by Jacob Reese December 15, 2007
This is a sport that requires substantial physical condition. Many who participate in it think that that have accomplished some godly task. Some feel as if the sport is far superior to any other sport such as football. This results in an undeserved sense of accomplishment and superiority to so called "regular sport athletes". In reality a crew team is made up mostly of athletes who have failed in all other sports or been rejected due to lack of skill. This may contribute to the attitude that rowers have towards other sport athletes.
crew captain: If you were to put eight football players in a boat and have them row against our crew team, they would not stand a chance at winning.

football captain: If you were to put 11 of your crew members on a football field against us they would most likely be severely injured and possibly killed.
by buca2012 March 23, 2009
The ancient sport of walking backwards as a group. Performed by up to eight people who lack the mental capacity to try and walk forwards for a change.
How can those crew people see where they're going?
by Zyxwvut August 11, 2006
1. Group of friends, Gang, posse, team, set.
2. A shitty American sport only participated in by pretensious wankers.
These people's body and sleep patterns are not so fucked up from drugs that they can wake and train at 5am. Fuck man! that's before I go to sleep!
1. "Yo yo yo, who wants it? I'll take you and your muh-fuckin crew."
2. "Sorry, I can't get fucked up, I have to get up for crew."
by Diego July 04, 2003
A sport for fags. A sport in which the players cannot play any other sport that reqiures talent
"Hey Ian do you want to go play football?"
"No, I suck at ever sport, besides rowing and I'm on a Crew team."
"Dude, that's not a sport."
"Oh, yeah you are right. I guess I'm just not talented at anything."
"Yes, you are correct."
by Ianisgay June 21, 2007
something that people do who can't play a real sport, and think they're amazing at life for waking up early for no reason to row a long canoe around.
i do crew because i can't do another sport.
by doodoo1111 October 29, 2006
A very stange... activity (it's not a sport). All rowers are the most big-headed, egotistical, preppy rich-kid pricks on the face of the planet. They claim that their "sport" requires more physical exertion than any other, when in reality, the "sport" is very static... forward, then back... forward, then back. That's about it.
Rower: "Damn, I'm so sore after crew practice that I can barely operate the clutch on my dad's Ferrari."
Football Player: "Dude, you row a boat..."

Rower: "Jeez, my arms are so sore... I hope I can still whack off to pictures of myself tonight..."
Wrestler: "Dude, you row a goddamned boat! That's all you do! It requires little finesse other than the basic fundamentals! Good lord, you ROW A BOAT IN A STRAIGHT LINE!"
by Gollosus Glabborous April 12, 2006

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