A team of tagger's in a grafiti gang.
"I write fo' GRS crew."
by Diego Blunt August 19, 2003
Vikings did not use slaves för propelling their ships. Free men joined the skeppslag and rowed their chiefs longships motivated by the coming share of loots and for the plain pleasure of men doing things together.
On crew and frienship:
Och åter bland kämpar jag spejande stod
Efter skepp i det fjärran blå.
Kom vikingasegel, - då gälde det blod;
Kom krämarn, - så fick han gå.
Men blodig är segern den tappre värd,
Och vikingavänskap, den knytes med svärd
Uppå hafvet.
by Jofur November 14, 2006
A group of awesome outcast with amazing hearts and great jokes. Even though they don't get alone sometimes. They still love each other no matter what. They have a bumpy year but made it through. Heres to many more years to come
The Diamond Crew is bae!
by CuttingEdge1203 April 16, 2015
In there , super awsome
I am so crew , that i was crew before it was crew
by andybanana March 20, 2012

The type of GDI (God Damn Independent) that participates excessively in campus events for no reason other than because that's what who they are. This subcategory of GEEDS are typically very antisocial otherwise, and have A- gpa's.

Basically, it defines those who consistently participate in events because they are not worthy enough to be Greek.
That geed is definitely part of the CREW, he is always at the fundraisers selling tickets.
by Duggiemister October 05, 2010
You'll find them randomly doing stupid stuff. There dumb. Holli ,Emma p, Riley ,JD ,Keaton mady
the crew met up a da club for ice cream
by Shuh whu November 10, 2014
a group of workers, commonly associated with servants or minions who do work for you.
The crew's going to come by and clean this up for me.
by bunnyminion April 14, 2011
1. A group of people working a common job.
2. A subset of a criminal family or gang.
3. A sport in which teams of rowers compete against each other.
4. (slang) A group of close friends. Derived from def. 2.
1. I can't believe that the construction crew up on 19 is on another break.
2. Did you hear about the Robert's Lounge crew? I hear they took almost half a mil from JFK in one night.
2. (alt) After CJ left, the Seville Blvd and Temple Drive crews broke from Grove Street.
3. Are you going to the crew match this weekend?
4. Hey, open up. I left my wallet inside and I'm going out to the bar with my crew.
by RaanCryo November 07, 2011

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