A team of tagger's in a grafiti gang.
"I write fo' GRS crew."
by Diego Blunt August 19, 2003
A really intense physical sport, in which one works every muscle in their body to exhaustion in order to win a race on water. It takes a lot of time. Basically if you're a dude you'll be all like dammit crew keeps me from having enough time to get laid, and if you're a chick then you'll be all like dammit these broad shoulders and huge thighs keep me from getting laid, and if you're a coxswain then you'll be all like why do rowers complain so much yelling and stearing a boat is so much more demanding... I actually have to count to ten while stearing a boat, they just stick an oar in the water and pull.
"Dude... crew sucks..."
"Why are you still on it?"
"Because... ummm... well... it's not fun..."
"Exactly! why don't you quit?"
"Because I like it."
by Pimpologist December 01, 2007
A sport where you abuse your mind and body in the morning, mid day, and afternoon. It's not uncommon to find a rower keeled over and vomiting after a session on the ergometer.

Synonymous with torture.
Person A: Crew fucking sucks.
Person B: Don't you do crew?
Person A: What of it?
by Will V L January 16, 2008
One of the most difficult and highly-underrated sports that man has ever created. Not only can it physically mess you up through the pain, but it can also socially mess you up. Unfortunately, "AP Crew" does not count as college credit, even if it takes up almost as much time as school, if not more. Because the rower's school social life is in shambles, the rower becomes better friends with his or her fellow members of the cult sport.
Joe: Are you coming to the party Friday?
Mike: Sorry, I got crew.
Joe: How about Saturday?
Mike: There's a regatta all day.
Joe: That blows.
Mike: It sure does.

Sra. Martinez: ¡Jaime! ¿Porque no hacía tu tarea?
Jaime: Lo siento, pero fue remano a crew ,Señora.
Sra. Martinez:¡No está una excusa! ¡Menos cinco puntos!
Jaime: ....perra estupida....

Señora Martinez: James! Why didn't you do your homework?
James: Sorry, but I was rowing at crew, Señora.
Señora Martinez: That's no excuse! Minus five points!
James: ....stupid bitch....
by Biron3000 February 04, 2008
The MOST physically demanding sport ever. Consitits on sprint season where you normally row a 2k or a head race which can be over 6k. Its takes perfect poise, Strenghth, determanation, and oh yeah STRENGTH. Not to mention all your free time. Sorry cheerleaders and football players this sports a bit to hard for you.
Crew Kid: Oh god man I'm so sore!

Football player: Me too man I had to pass a ball back and fourth for 6 minutes!

Crew kid: Bitch I rowed a 2k in less time than that!
by Hardcorerowerr March 01, 2009
The only sport where its normal to burn 150 calories in 7 minutes
oh hey bill, i just burned 150 calories in 7 minutes doing crew.
by couvoihwafawg March 25, 2009
A sport where you stroke hard to make your cox happy.
Bowseat: How do you make the coswain happy?
Stroke: Stroke as hard as you can and stroke in time with everyone else, thats what crew is all about.
by rblrnr October 17, 2009
Crew is the most difficult, demanding, and rewarding sport there is. People say it is not a sport because they are giant idiots and dont understand what they are talking about. Crew is for the mentally and physically tough, godlike in fact and if you are not godlike you should just stay away because you will not be able to handle the pain and end up quitting. Thats crew for ya!
A: Holy shit this is a hard practice. I am exhausted and I cant feel my legs.

B: To bad we are only done with half of the set.

A: Man I love Crew!
by Rowing Champ March 21, 2010
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