Sport in which 1-8 people row a racing shell down a river 1500-2000 meters. Usually takes around 6 minutes to finish. Practice is run by a coach and his ever faithful coxwain. There are 2 types of shells, scullers, in which every rower has 2 oars, and standard, when each rower has 1 oar, port or starbord. During the offseason rowers practice on ergs. Rowers are also known to train as hard as some of the most physical sports there are. A common misconseption is that rowers arms are really strong, little do the public know, that rowers use mainly there legs.
Shit man crew is the greatest sport ever. Damn this sport gave me a sexy body.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 April 19, 2006
Term used by members of the folks nation to describe thier set (gang subdivision.)
Me and my crew are gonna mess up your entire family.
by CD April 06, 2003
Often said as a shortened version of saying stage crew.
me: I'm going to crew tonight.
other: I didn't know that you liked nautical activities.
me: No you damnass, stage crew not rowing crew.
by HuffMoney May 15, 2004
A group of emo or scene kids gang. They can get in fights with other crews, have a sign and commit to group activities like going to concerts and claiming venues. The crew members always look out for one another, are very close and often date within the crew.
1: Please, you've got to let me in your crew. There’s no other way I can get tickets to Bamboozle!

2: You have to pass the crew test first and get the crew sign tattoo.
by Kiro March 11, 2006
A fag sport where you just move your arms back and forth.
I go to a fag school. I like to row crew
by HAHAhehehe6969 April 27, 2011
the coolest people in the world that you'll ever meet. they hang out at the acid tree and can't decide on movies. we sometimes go to harvard square. we're awesome.
You can't wait to hang out with the crew cause we're so awesome.
by Moloney November 20, 2005
One of the least physically demanding sports, it requires only basic endurance, strength, or willpower. Interestingly, it inspires a ridiculous sense of entitlement in all those who participate in it. Crew members are experts at devising excuses for basic strength tests, and are mostly made up of rejects from other sports teams such as football, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, or even track.
Joining a crew team almost always guarantees you a varsity spot.
Crew Member: Crew is so much tougher than football, I bet the football team couldn't even finish a crew race.
Football Player: 11 football players would beat 11 crew members in a fight, even at the least competitive football schools.
Crew Member: No way! Crew members are way stronger than football players!
Football Player: I bench 225, and you bench 95.
Crew Member: I only have strong muscles needed for crew.
Football Player: Hows your Squat?
Crew Member: Like 140, but thats not important.
Football Player: Deadlift?
Crew Member: 65, but its not important.
Football Player: Hang Clean?
Crew Member: 45, but it doesn't matter.
Football Player: Apparently crew members only have strength on a crew boat...
Crew Member: Damn Right! We're all super strong!
Football Player: ...
Wrestler: Could you please leave our lunch table? No one here actually likes you...
by Daveisthefreakingman December 31, 2010
A homoerotic game where little preppy boys who's daddies pay for them to go to schools where they will receive little exposure to reality row, row, row, the boat. Their boyish hairstyles are generally derived from GI joe figures and they can be seen wearing fashionable GOP wear, such as Polo knits and J. Crew rugby shirts.
'preesh, bro. Our whole crew team has pink Ray-ban wayfarers.
by unclej99 October 12, 2009
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