Sport in which 1-8 people row a racing shell down a river 1500-2000 meters. Usually takes around 6 minutes to finish. Practice is run by a coach and his ever faithful coxwain. There are 2 types of shells, scullers, in which every rower has 2 oars, and standard, when each rower has 1 oar, port or starbord. During the offseason rowers practice on ergs. Rowers are also known to train as hard as some of the most physical sports there are. A common misconseption is that rowers arms are really strong, little do the public know, that rowers use mainly there legs.
Shit man crew is the greatest sport ever. Damn this sport gave me a sexy body.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 April 19, 2006
A gathering of 3 or more bros
Dude, you shoulda seen the crew at the frat party last night.
by smeggotty May 22, 2010
n. Companions. Peer Group.
"What's the crew up to tonight"
by zx August 15, 2002
When someone is popular with several people from different social groups e.g jocks, nerds, drama geeks
"Aw mate I've been invited to 3 parties on one nigh, like my guys, the nerds and the fucking druggies"
"Mate you're crew!"
by Wielesiuk November 13, 2011
a group of individuals who do work for you, eg. minions.
Example: My crew will clean my house this weekend.
by bunnycrew April 13, 2011
A Non violent gang- you spend most of your time with these people. and you have a "sign" which you spend all your time writing.
-whats your crew fool?
-its all about *does hand sign* BTM Bitches that matter!
by LindsayOwns November 30, 2005
group of two sexy ass groups of bestfriends, that come together and make a friendship that will last forever
guy 1: "damn did you just see that crew walk by."
guy 2: "hell yeah, those were all some hot chicks."

"i love the crew!"
by ilovethecrew June 21, 2009
A somewhat organized group of (graffiti) writers, or a tight group of friends.
GTS is a tagging crew in Sylmar.
by TFS July 24, 2005

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